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DIY At Home Photoshoot

Content creation is more important now than ever. We live in a world where individuals are constantly creating content to share onto their social profiles. Doesn't sound too difficult, right? Well...how do you create content on a low budget while not having to physically go too much out of your way? (Thanks COVID-19 pandemic for keeping us hostage). If you're the most awkward person in front of the camera (like myself¬†ūüôÉ) invite some close friends over and make them your muse!

We're sharing 3 different looks we accomplished at our home with a DIY photoshoot. 


1. Balcony / Backyard Selfie Session

Grab a mirror and go outdoors. Surround yourself with plants (or some type of greenery). Make sure to capture blue skies in your picture to brighten the picture and overall make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Pro Tip: Place the mirror at an angle to give it a cool dynamic in your snapshot. 



Ditch the mirror for a closer look at your product and put together a simple background set for your subject to stand in front of. 

Pro Tip: The background set should be simple, avoid clutter! A plain wall will do if this isn't achievable.



2. Bedroom Moment

Style some denim and chill in bed...no seriously. Place a mirror on the bed and mess with the angles until you find the perfect one. More greenery? Absolutely. 10/10 recommend a hanging leaves plant for this one. Lay the long leaves across your set up, it'll definitely make your picture POP. 

Pro Tip: A fluffy, white comforter will make your picture look luxurious and neat. Think of the comforters in hotel rooms and how appealing they are...same concept!



3. Golden Hour is Always a Good Idea

Head over to a local, outdoor spot where the sky's golden hour is THRIVING. We headed to the Miami River and got some cute ass shots!

Side note: Athleisure and glasses chains are a  v i b e. 

Pro Tip:ÔĽŅ The sun will¬†usually be in your favor during golden hour (it's even better on the West Coast where¬†the sun directly sets). Whether your subject is¬†standing in front or behind the sun, the lighting will be phenomenal.¬†







If you made it to this point...THANK YOU! <3



Nicole Cisneros, cofounder of Sol Y Mar Beachwear











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