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Meet Our Brand Ambassador Carolina

When we began the search for our first brand ambassador, we envisioned someone actively making a difference in the environment with an outgoing personality and fabulous sense of style. Fortunately for us, we were able to find someone who embodies all these traits. Let's welcome Carolina Santiesteban to the Sol Y Mar family!

Q&A: Getting to Know Caro

1. A micro influencer is someone with 2k - 50k followers. When did you first realize you were beginning to influence others on social media? 

I first realized I was influencing others when I created my YouTube videos. A few of them involved tutorials (how I curl my hair, skincare and makeup routine) and several people commented that they learned so many tricks from my videos! It was surprising to see how many girls actually paid attention to my advice and told me they "learned how-to put-on eyeliner" because of me! Recently,  I received a message from a follower that said she asks herself, "would Caro wear this?" when she goes shopping and it made my entire day. Some people really admire the way I dress, and it inspires them to dress differently than they normally do.

2. What have you found to be the most beneficial part of having a platform?

Having a platform, though it may not be huge, has helped me grow the confidence to speak my mind on topics that really matter to me because I know an audience is willing to listen. I constantly advocate for helping the environment by recycling and being mindful of how much energy we waste. I also encourage people to consume less animal products due to the facts that animal agriculture is one of the leading factors of global warming, and it's become such an inhumane money- making industry. I try not to shove my political agenda down people's throats, but I do make a conscious effort to open their minds and view things in a different light.

3. Which is your favorite Sol Y Mar swimsuit from their new collection?

I'm caught between IRIS and LILIANA. I love the vibrant colors that IRIS has and the way it flatters my figure, but I also adore the ruffles and floral pattern from LILIANA.

4. What are your beach day essentials?

My Ray Bans, cover up, cute beach towel, straw beach bag, sunscreen, coconut oil, Chapstick, speaker, chips with dip, and a bandana to pick my messy hair up at the end of the day.

5. What tropical destination would you love to travel to?

I would love to visit a black sand beach in Hawaii.

6. What's one thing you that you do daily that makes an impact on our environment?

I haven't eaten red meat, pork, or turkey in 3 years. I've significantly reduced the amount of animal products I consume on a daily basis. I recycle anything and everything. Soda bottles, plastic bags, cardboard boxes from packages, paper, you name it. I never litter, I try to take quick showers to avoid wasting too much water, I use reusable straws, I clean up at the beach, I ask for paper bags at the grocery store if I forget to bring my own reusable bag, and I always encourage the people around me to do the same. My next car will definitely be an electric car, so I won't be responsible for polluting the air with greenhouse gases.

7. How do you recommend others do the same, to change their lifestyle habits?

I think these are all small actions that can go a really long way. If people were aware of how large of a role they have on the environment, they would make a little more effort to protect it. I try to inform people of the consequences of their actions every day. I've even emailed Publix headquarters to encourage them to eliminate plastic bags from their stores. We only have one chance at living on this planet, and maybe we won't feel the immediate consequences, but our grandkids will and that's something to think about.