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Swim Week Interview with I'm Sweaty and I Know It

The following article was originally featured on the popular blog site, I'm Sweaty and I Know It

Emily and Nicole: Two go-getting boss babes with a serious dream to boost the environment through their Colombian inspired sustainable swim line.

Sol Y Mar really caught my eye during Miami Swim Week with its vibrant colors and clear cultural influences. I especially loved their company values of making every woman feel “confident, empowered, and untouchable.”

So, obviously I had to interview them and learn more about what drives Sol Y Mar to be amazing!

Why does Sol Y Mar choose to use sustainable practices when making your products?

Some of our main focuses as a brand are eco-friendliness and sustainability. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint begins at the production phase and continues into the shipping process.

While meeting all regular environmental safety standards, our manufacturer uses the most efficient machinery to decrease use of energy and environmental resources. The production process also reduces the amount of waste material by repurposing and reusing it into other productions and sending it to recycling companies.

For shipping, we use biodegradable mailers that break down in 6 months as opposed to plastic which takes hundreds of years to decompose. We also use soy-based stickers to decrease petroleum use.

For local events and transactions, we use biodegradable boxes rather than plastic packaging.

Have you ever experienced any obstacles/challenges specifically in the world of starting a swimwear line that made it hard to embrace women empowerment?

While we have endured many obstacles, we can’t say any have been because of our gender. Conversely, we find the swimwear industry to be very welcoming and collaborative.

Specifically at Miami Swim Week, we had the pleasure to meet and learn from many other successful female business owners. As a women owned business, we support and encourage all girls to follow their passion!

I firsthand heard some models at swim week talking about getting body shamed during model castings; what is your philosophy on selecting models to represent your company? What is your stance on today’s social media world of “editing” to look perfect?

Our goal is to become more inclusive in sizing, so our brand can relate to all women. Being a startup company limits us with size variety, however, we are currently working towards introducing styles for both petite and plus sized women.

As far as choosing models, we aim to choose diverse women who exhibit body confidence. When it comes to editing our pictures, we choose to keep the editing process at a bare minimum to embrace every model’s natural beauty. If a model requests further editing, we will work with her to ensure she is happy and comfortable with the photos. 

What are some of the next steps you are looking to attain and grow your business?

Our next few goals are to collaborate with more influencers by hosting local events and being more active in the community. We plan to have our products featured in local stores and online boutiques. Overall, we are working on finding unique ways to increase our brand’s exposure.  

Tell me a little about your Miami Swim Week experience, what was the daily itinerary like? 

Our itinerary included daily meetings with models, exchanging information, and getting to know each other. We had the opportunity to explain our company’s mission to various individuals such as models, bloggers, photographers, and the general public. We hosted an Instagram giveaway which allowed our follower base to increase substantially.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for us as it was our first time participating in Miami Swim Week. Our goal for next year is to have our brand featured in a fashion show!


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